Bye-Bye Reception.

Your Guests do that now.

 Long queues after long flights are soooo 90s. With Goki, guests check-in online prior to arrival. Or they can scan a QR code on arrival & check-in on their phone. Safe, contactless - COVID-Safe 😷

  • Intuitive design
  • Saves staff time
  • Sends data to PMS
  • Web/Tablet/QR code
  • Premium Support
  • Handles Groups

Web Check-in.

Add a snippet of Goki code to your booking confirmation email & let your guests check-in before arrival.

Tablet Check-in.

Let your guests check-in on tablets when they arrive.

QR Code Check-in

Generate your own unique QR code to send details to your PMS.

Mobile Check-in.

Let your guests scan your code & check-in on their own device.

Try it for yourself

Check-out our check-in.

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