COVID Grants

How does free sound?

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What is the COVID grant?
Good question. The truth is, it differs from country to country. You will need to check with your local government grants to see what is on offer in your location - but long story short - you may be able to get assistance to cover 80-100% of the costs associated with Goki.
Why can we get Goki for FREE?
Because we took the pandemic seriously. Firstly, we injected a microbial additive into the devices that makes it impossible for germs to live on the surface. This reduces the amount of resources you need to dedicate to cleaning and is aligned with property-wide hygiene requirements that are now in place. Second, with Goki, you can get your guests from booking to opening their room in a completely contactless way... This is something your government wants to support.
So, who has saved money so far?
We have properties in the US, Japan & Malaysia who have all successfully applied for a grant - with more coming in the EU. Worth a google methinks.