Your Airbnb, Just More Welcoming

Let your guests enter your property with no key while you can manage everyone’s stay securely from your home.

aribnb smart locks

Unlock Your Airbnb,
your Way

All guests will automatically be sent access for the length of their stay… Guests can open with the app, wearables, keycards, & PIN codes. Bye-Bye Lockbox!

Goki Smart Lock phone
Goki Smart Lock Watch
Goki Smart Lock Pin
Goki Smart Lock Keycard

Manage Your Airbnb On Goki Dashboard

Streamline the arrivals process & give guests the convenience of using their phone as their key. Deal with guest requests & market what’s on during their stay.  

Goki on Different Platforms
Goki mobile guest check-in

Make Your Guests

Let your guests check-in on their mobile, use their phone as their key, see what’s on nearby & meet locals to get more out of their stay. Engage more effectively with your guests during their stay and improve your airbnb rating.

Control Your Property From Your Phone

Spaces app lets hosts connect & manage Goki devices from their phone.
Generate PINs for guests, run Lock audits to understand who has accessed the Airbnb.

manage property with Goki

Designed for your

Our smart lock can be installed on any door giving your airbnb guests the convenience of using their phone as their key or their unique PIN for their stay. Our smart discs can control garages, front gates & other doors at your Airbnb. All devices run on sustainable, rechargeable lithium batteries.

Become A
Smart Airbnb

Hassle Free

Say bye-bye to lockboxes & hello to automating your guests arrival. 

Experience More

Let guests know what’s on, explore around, keep on top of guest requests & make sure they get the most out of their stay.

Go Contactless

From booking & check-in to opening your Airbnb on their mobile.

Happier Guests

Send your Airbnb rating into the stratosphere with a seamless guest experience.

Revolutionise your Airbnb. Install Goki today.