Your Home, Just Smarter

A new way to access your home or grant access to guests and services. With Goki your phone is your key and you decide who can access it and when remotely.

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Unlock Your Home, Your Way

Goki give you multiple ways for you and your guests to access your property. Use your phone, smart watch, PIN code or keycard to open your home or share access with guests & services.

Goki Smart Lock phone
Goki Smart Lock Watch
Goki Smart Lock Pin
Goki Smart Lock Keycard

Unlock From Anywhere

Goki has a unique combination of devices & applications to keep your home connected & more secure. Use Goki Air to give access to your space remotely for a guest, courier, dog walker or to have your groceries delivered before you come home from work.

home smart locks
secure your home with smart locks

Keeping Your Home

We keep a record of everyone who has accessed your home – so you can view records, revoke access & make sure you have no unwanted visitors. Our locks are Bluetooth enabled and work without an internet connection for added security.

Designed For Your

Our SmartLock can be installed on any door, making your home a SmartHome. Our SmartDiscs can control garages, front gates & common areas around your property. All devices run on sustainable, rechargeable lithium batteries.

Become A
Smart Home


Say bye-bye to cutting keys for family members. Access your area using your phone, door code and keycards


Have a record of everyone who has accessed your home – have peace of mind and run an audit anytime.

Hassle Free

No more waiting for deliveries & services with limited access. More convenient for you and your guests.

Become Smarter

Upgrade your home with a Bluetooth smart lock. Connect it to Google Home and Alexa for extra functionalities.

Revolutionise your home. Bring Goki to your property today.