Your Hostel, Just More Engaging

Contactless guest experience, improve operational efficiencies and build your own community.

Covid-safe smart locks

Give Your Guests A Choice

Goki devices open with the guest app, wearables, keycards, staff wristbands and PIN codes.

How Goki smart locks work
How Goki smart locks work
How Goki smart locks work
How Goki smart locks work

Manage Your Property On Goki Dashboard

Streamline the arrivals process & give guests the convenience of using their phone as their key. Deal with guest requests, promote activities and extend stays and increase occupancy. Assign tasks to staff, automate processes to improve efficiency and more.

hostel smart lock

Make Your Guests

Let your guests check-in on their mobile, use their phone as their key, see what’s on at your hostel & meet other guests staying at the same time! Engage more effectively with your guests on a mobile community with a +90% download rate.

Online Check-in

Guests can check-in prior to arrival on our web platform, on arrival by scanning a QR code or using one of our self-serve check-in tablets. After check-in, the guest is automatically issued with a SmartKey & PIN that expires on check-out. 

goki online check-in
goki tablet check-in

Control Your Property From Your Phone

Spaces app lets staff connect & manage Goki devices from their phone.
Generate PINs, run Lock audits to understand who has accessed each room and encode wristbands for housekeeping.

Designed For Any
Hostel Door

Connect a SmartDisc to your existing locks or replace them with a SmartLock. We have a solution for every situation.

Goki Smart Lock

Smart Disc →

Goki smart access

Smart Access →

Goki smart Dock

Smart Dock →

Become A
Smart Hostel

Operational efficiency

Lower staff overheads and remove admin heavy processes.


Let guests know what’s on & direct them to your other revenue centres.

Go Contactless

From booking & check-in to opening their room on their mobile.


Remove plastic, expensive key encoders & throwaway batteries.

Revolutionise your Hostel. Bring Goki to your property today.