Hostels & Goki

Your Hostel operating system.

The pandemic changed everything.

 We changed too. Let us show you how we can help you go contactless, lower running costs & generate new revenue streams.

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Automate everything.

This changes things.

 Streamline the arrivals process & give guests the convenience of using their phone as their key. Deal with guest requests, in-room services and advertise what’s on during their stay. Assign tasks to staff, automate processes to improve efficiency and more.

Guest Experience

Make Your Guests

Support social distancing.

 Let your guests check-in on their mobile, use their phone as their key & see what’s on at your hotel. Engage more effectively with your guests on a mobile community with a +90% download rate.

Spaces App

Control your Hostel from your phone.

With Spaces App.

 Connect & manage Goki devices from your phone. Generate PINs for guests, run Lock audits to understand who is staying & who has accessed each room..

Revolutionise your space. Become a SmartHostel.

1. Efficient.
Lowers costs & streamline processes...
2. Contactless.
From booking to opening your room.
3. Sustainable.
Remove metal keys from your operation.