Upgrade your
(dumb) lock.

Miss out on the contactless party? šŸ˜„

Ā Fear not. Our SmartDiscs connect with any Hotel lock in minutes & add PIN/Mobile access.

  • Intuitive design
  • Germ-free
  • Real time open data
  • Multiple Devices
  • Premium Support
  • Supports Groups

Easy Installation.

Our SmartDiscs wirelessly connect with your lock.
Let me let you into a secret. Our first SmartDiscs sucked. Maintenance staff hated them. Guests broke them. BUT, it forced us to rethink. We are now the only company in the world that can open your locks wirelessly with a PIN & SmartKey. Good for maintenance crews everywhere.
Average number of consecutive opens per charge.
Ways to open: SmartKey/PIN/Gateway

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