Connect a SmartDisc wirelessly to your existing locks.​

Our SmartDiscs retrofit with your existing locks and add the option of PIN & mobile access. Each guest will automatically receive a PIN/SmartKey for the length of their stay via our integration with your reservation system. 

Goki SmartDisk

Unlock your way.

How Goki smart locks work
How Goki smart locks work
How Goki smart locks work
How Goki smart locks work

Add Mobile/PIN access to your existing locks. Let us show you how it works today.

Goki smart Hotel lock

Wireless Connectivity.

Goki SmartDiscs are the only product in the world that can open an existing Hotel lock with a PIN wirelessly… This means they can be installed on the wall next to the door, which satisfies certain fire regulations and makes maintenance of your existing locks easier.


‘Contactless’ has become the biggest buzz word in hospitality. Our SmartDiscs mean that properties can offer a completely contactless experience for their guests from booking to opening their room – without replacing their locks.

At Goki, we went one step further – injecting an antimicrobial additive that makes it impossible for germs to live on the surface of our SmartDiscs. Germ-free, contactless access that automatically sends a SmartKey/PIN to each of your guests.

Covid-safe smart locks
Goki hotel Locks access

Connects with any Hotel Lock.

Our SmartDiscs connect to any electronic Hotel lock in minutes and add the option of Mobile & PIN access. We will run a lock audit on your property & provide everything you need for simple, plug & play, self-installation. 

Sustainable Power.

Goki Devices run on rechargeable lithium, which is a higher performance & more sustainable than throwaway AA batteries. You will receive a notification on Spaces App when any device is running low on power.

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Goki has a solution for every type of door – whether you are replacing your locks or connecting a SmartDisc to your existing locks… Click below to find the right solution for your property.

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