Smart Disc

Change the way you do things.


Make your dumb locks smart.

Our Smart Discs connect with any hotel lock in minutes and add the option of PIN & Mobile. You can continue to use your existing locks system in exactly the same way. This is a good way to inexpensively automate your check-in and ensure that each of your guests has their own unique PIN/Smartkey for their stay.

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99% germ free - make your property COVID-Safe.

We inject the lock with a special antimicrobial additive that means germs cannot live on the surface. This means less resources dedicated to cleaning and greater guest confidence.

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Why choose Goki?

Goki is the first hospitality product of its kind. We combine hardware, software and guest services to make stays better for everyone

Save money

Lowers staff costs & improves operational efficiencies

Go Contactless

Get guests from booking to opening their room, all on their mobile phone.

Make money

Direct guests to your other revenue centres via automated notifications.


Guests are 3x more likely to extend direct at Goki properties.