Smart Dock

Power sustainably.


Say goodbye to throwaway batteries. Forever.

Base Auckland saved $20,000 last year removing plastic keycards, encoders and no more trips to the shop to buy batteries. We will send you a notification on Spaces App when your batteries are in their final 20%. Housekeeping can easily replace as part of their shift. Our batteries can power 52000 consecutive opens - so far outperform AA.

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Cost effective.

Powering the Goki family.

The Goki team have been working in hospitality for the last 16 years - and we were amazed with how much waste there is! Rechargeable lithium ion is higher performance and cheaper to run = with each battery costing only $12 and lasting 6 years.

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Why choose Goki?

Goki is the first hospitality product of its kind. We combine hardware, software and guest services to make stays better for everyone

Save money

Lowers staff costs & improves operational efficiencies

Go Contactless

Get guests from booking to opening their room, all on their mobile phone.

Make money

Direct guests to your other revenue centres via automated notifications.


Guests are 3x more likely to extend direct at Goki properties.