Goki SmartLock

Replace your
(dumb) lock.

Time for a change?

 Our SmartLock 'speaks' to your PMS & issues a unique PIN & SmartKey to every guest.

  • Intuitive design
  • Germ-free
  • Real time open data
  • Multiple Devices
  • Premium Support
  • Supports Groups


Easy Installation.

Our SmartLocks are built with your door in mind.
We believe in self installation. It saves you money & you need to know how the devices work. But don't worry - we take the time to understand your doors & make a video to assist with getting you up & running. Click below for more info on the specifications.
Goki SmartLocks

Average number of consecutive opens per charge.

Ways to open: SmartKey/PIN/Wristband/Hidden Key/Gateway
Installed Goki SmartLock
Goki Tag and Goki SmartLock
Goki SmartLock and Goki Spaces
Goki MiFare Wristband and Goki SmartLock

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