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Your property,

on autopilot.

We combine hardware &

software, to make stays

better for everyone.


Goki supports a completely contactless guest journey & our hardware is 99.9% germ free.

Save money

Goki lowers staff costs & improves operational efficiencies.

Make money

94% of your guests will download Goki – direct guests to your other revenue centres with a tap of a button.

Goki Smart Lock

More than a lock.

Automatically issue every reservation with a unique PIN & Smart Key for the length of their stay.

Goki Smart Disc

Automate check-in

Connects to any Hotel lock wirelessly & adds the option of PIN & Mobile access.

Smart Dock

Be sustainable

Sustainably power your property on rechargeable lithium. Remove plastic keycards, registration forms & throwaway batteries from your operation.


Guest management, reimagined.

Set-up yours for free

Message a guest or send a shoutout to ALL guests.

Assign Tasks

Deal with guest requests yourself or assign to the team.

What’s on?

Let your guests know what’s on, see who’s going & sell activities.


Improve guest experience and move requests to done!


Get live feedback on the guests stay to improve sentiment.

Your phone is your key

Make check-in as easy as ordering an Uber. Guests can check-in and get their key prior to arrival. Once checked-in, they can meet other guests and start planning their stay – seeing what’s on & who’s going. Goki is a completely contactless solution – enabling you to move a guest from booking to opening their door with no staff overheads.

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Spaces App

Manage your property from your phone.

Spaces is for property owners & staff to manage their property. Generate time-based PINs for guests, run lock audits to understand who has access what door or set master keys for housekeeping.

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Arrival App

Automate your arrivals

Arrival app let's your guest check-in online (prior to arrival) or on tablet once they arrive. We have also QR code check-ins so that guests can use their own phone if they don't want to share devices with other guests. All data is updated inside your PMS & once 'checked-in' the guest will receive and email with their unique PIN and SmartKey for their stay.

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In case you missed anything

Will GOKi work with my PMS?

We currently work with Mews, Cloudbeds, Guestcentrix (web), Counter & Charts – if your PMS isn’t listed it is a simple integration process. We ask that you contact your PMS and request the integration and we will take it from there. GOKi doesn’t charge anything for integrations. 

Mobile Keys & Check-in reduces the 'personal touch.'

Ask yourself – how personal is the antiquated check-in process at most Hostels? It is mostly transactional, time-consuming and admin heavy. 
Goki streamlines your check-in process to enable more meaningful connections with your guests. 
Imagine being able to walk a guest up to their room because you are no longer working through a registration card? Or removing reception completely and letting staff mingle with new arrivals in social spaces – focusing on their needs rather than ticking boxes.  
Guests want convenience and the ability to curate their own stay. Goki enables guests to choose the levels of ‘personal touch’ they are comfortable with… For example, message reception via Goki or go down to reception, ask to extend their stay or respond to a notification on the app… Better guest experience is about creating better options for your guests.  

What's in it for the property?

  • Streamline check-in – typically our hostels pay back the investment in hardware (from lowering operational expenses) inside 6 months. 
  • COVID-safe – we offer a completely contactless guest experience from booking to opening the door!
  • Better Guest experience – guess what? Your guests kind of expect this now! It’s not just about saving your guest some time and having a nice digital solution for your digital guests; It’s about building a community around your brand… Goki is the only product in the world that builds an online community for your hostel from booking, during and after your stay… let your guests know what’s on, who’s going and give them a chance to curate their own stay with you. The better the experience, the better the online rating. 
  • $$$$$$$$$$$$ – what could you do if you have 2/3rds of your guests on your own dedicated mobile channel? Send a shoutout to get them into your bar? Let them extend their stay (Free) or book another one of your properties? Get them to leave a review when they send you a bigger smiley emoticon 6hrs after checkin? The possibilities are only limited by your imagination… 

Guests don't want to download an app

There is some truth to this! If you look at Hostels who have launched their own branded application – the download figure has been less than impressive – typically below 10% take-up. App real estate is expensive for the millennial traveller – and only the essentials get the green light. 
Goki, however, has an average download rate of 60+%. Why? 
  • Network Effect – guests don’t want to download an app every time they check-in to a new hostel – they want one key that works at all hostels.
  • Solving Problems – Goki makes check-in as easy as ordering an Uber; Save time – simply download your keys before arrival and receive a notification when your room is ready. No more long queues after long flights and filling in paperwork just to get to your room! 
  • It’s Social – because most guests download Goki – we have created a mobile platform for guests to interact and see what’s on at their hostel. Other social applications struggle to get critical mass in specific areas (i.e. your hostel!) so lose their value proposition for the traveller. 

Are mobile keys safe?

The communication between our SmartKey & Hardware is encrypted, secured and cannot be intercepted. The randomised nature of the algorithm makes it far harder to hack than traditional lock systems. The GOKi lock ecosystem is designed in such a way that the ‘handshake’ happens at regular intervals – so the session key keeps changing.