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Goki is an all-in-one hospitality solution that improves guest experience, saves time and increases engagement.

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Goki is the first hospitality
product of its kind

We combine smart devices, software & guest services to make stays better for everyone. Goki properties offer a contactless guest experience, improve operational efficiencies & direct guests to ancillary revenue centres.

Goki is built for your

Goki’s operating system works for multiple property types. Click what type of space you are to see how we can help streamline your arrival process & make stays better.


Change The Way
You Operate

As soon as you connect Goki Smart Locks or Smart Discs, each guest will automatically be issued with a SmartKey & PIN for the length of their stay… Streamline your check-in & offer a contactless experience to your guests.

Goki smart key
Goki guest check-in system


Create Better Stays

With Goki, your guests can check-in & get their keys prior to arrival, meet other guests and find out what’s on during their stay. Staff can streamline check-in, communicate more effectively with guests, manage access & market events.

Become More Than
A Space

Operational Efficiency

Lowers staff costs & streamline processes.

More Revenue

Direct guests to your other revenue centres via automated notifications, extend stay and more.

Go Contactless

From booking, check-in to opening their room on their mobile.


Remove plastic, paper registration forms, throw away batteries & expensive encoders from your operation.

Revolutionise your space. Bring Goki to your property today.