We make stays better.

By automating check-in, access & communication. Let us show you how...

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Eliminate repetitive tasks.

See how Goki streamlines every part of your operation - from check-in & access to sentiment tracking & extensions.
Goki Devices


Our industry leading devices work on all door types. Fully automate access for your guests.
Goki Software


Streamline check-in & engage more effectively with your guests. Change the way you operate.
Smartaccess and Check-in for Guests

Guest Software

Check-in & SmartAccess
Direct extends are up 300% since rolling out Goki.
The Guest Journey

Goki automates three main areas for smart properties.

Check-in, Access & Communication.
The pandemic changed everything. We changed too. We are committed to helping properties deal with the shifts in our industry. From offering a contactless guest journey that supports social distancing to enabling a greater duty of care to guests & property wide hygiene.
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A new way to welcome your guests.

Goki check-in does all the heavy lifting associated with check-in, so you can focus on the guest.
Guests expect an Uber-like experience when they arrive at your property. With Goki, you can give it to them. We send a link for online check-in prior to arrival- or they can check-in via QR code or tablet on arrival.
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Bye-Bye Keycards.

Automatically assign every guest with a unique SmartKey & PIN.
Remember when keycards were the most awesome way to open your hotel door? No? Me neither. As well as removing the cost of plastic keycards & encoders, we also remove the cost of handing them out. So, you could say we are saving the planet as well as your bank balance. You're welcome 😉
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This changes things.

Engage with your guests in a completely new way.
G-Board has 100's of features to help you manage your guests. From direct messaging & shoutouts, to sentiment tracking, message payments, marketing what's on and stay extensions.... Not to mention our 90% download rate, which means you have a big audience!
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“The solution works really well - does what it says and delivers... We are delighted to have signed up with Goki”
Mark Fenelon
Tom Cooney on Goki

“The engagement level is through the roof in comparison to our previous initiatives”

Tom Cooney
Nomads World Hotels

“I cannot think back on how my life used to be before Goki.”

Jason Ordiway
Sin City Hostel
We work with the best

What kind of space are you?

Goki works with a wide range of property types, which we call spaces. Explore your space to see how Goki can help.
Goki For Hotels


Offer a contactless guest experience & automate check-in.
Goki For Hostels


Build a community & let guests know what's on.
Goki smart locks for student living

Student Living.

Handle payments & reapplications via mobile.
Goki for Airbnbs


Create new revenue streams for your guests at your airbnb.
Goki for Home


Coming Early 2022.

Revolutionise your space. Become a SmartProperty.

1. Efficient.
Lowers costs & streamline processes...
2. Contactless.
From booking to opening your room.
3. Sustainable.
Remove plastic from your operation.