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More than a lock.

Our mission is to make guests happier & properties smarter. We started in 2016 when we saw a need to fix an antiquated, admin-heavy check-in process. Our system makes properties smarter & guests happier by saving time & creating a platform for social engagement.

Since then, we’ve helped over a million guests check-in & get their SmartKey in every continent around the world.And we are only just getting started… if you have a Hotel, Hostel or Airbnb that could benefit from offering a contactless guest journey and want to benefit from the operational efficiencies Goki offers – get in touch!

Goki CTO Arash Karimzadeh and Goki CEO Jack Bowcott at Goki Headquarters
Jack Bowcott

Jack Bowcott

Arash karimzadeh

Arash karimzadeh

Charly Garske

Charly Garske


Better Stays.

People can’t go travelling all the time – it’s a privilege and we are entrusted with that experience. We take that responsibility seriously and have built the mission statement around how we deliver better stays to our guests and clients.

For guests, we are removing long queues after long flights & letting them check-in and get their keys prior to arrival, meet other guests and see what’s on during their stay. For staff we are removing a lot of the repetitive admin tasks and letting them engage more effectively with what really matters – the guest.

Goki's mission is to make stays better. And to streamline the travel user flow.
Goki's Vision: Unlock the world with Goki

Unlock the World.

At Goki, we are obsessed with how we can make buildings better places to live how we make hotels better places to stay and student campuses better places to study. It’s about more than access – it’s how we as a team can unlock these new opportunities & help people interact in a more seamless way with their living environment.


It matters.

It Matters.

We know that when it comes to delivering the perfect experience for our customers, the stakes are high & we take that responsibility seriously.


We communicate in a clear and honest way with our customers and stakeholders.

Lead the way.

Goki was the first company to build a hospitality operating system & a number of our products are industry firsts. We are happy leading the way with innovation.

Goki values its users feedback and sees them as main stakrholders
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